Aquamarine Month

March is one of our favorite months for jewelers throughout the world.
Not because spring is coming, but because Aquamarine is the stone of the monthaquamarine antique engagement ring.  Before we tell you why we love aquamarine so much, let’s give a brief history of the aquamarine, our friend of the sea.

As we mentioned, aquamarines are waters of the sea. In ancient times aquamarines came to symbolize health  and happiness. It was also believed that aquas
could promote clarity and excellent mental health.
Aquamarines have been used by jewelers, dating back to Greek times throughout the 1970′s, as well as used today.
Why were they such a favorite for jewelers? The reason, we think, is two fold.  First, aquamarines contain a beautiful blue hue and are
not as hard to find as a Kashmer of Burma sapphire.  aquamarine engagement ring

In addition, we have many celebrity sightings wearing aquamarines, including our favorite Barbara Streisand.  And, lately, Jessica Biel.

If you’re looking to get engaged in the month of March, or just looking for a gorgeous antique engagement ring, has wonderful antique aquamarine engagement rings.

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Oscars and Antique Engagement Rings

oscars 2014It’s Oscars time, and we are not paying attention to the best movies, but what we ARE paying attention to is what the stars were wearing.  They were wearing diamonds, antique rings, diamond necklaces  and precious stones.

Let’s see who was wearing what: Bette Midler was looking as elegant as ever, wearing a fantastic Burma Ruby ring and ruby earrings. One of our favorites actresses, looking gorgeous, was Jennifer Lawrence who was wearing two gorgeous antique engagement rings and a beautiful diamond necklace.Antique Ruby Ring

Antique engagement rings are here to stay and looks like longer antique rings are going to be hot.ANTIQUE ENGAGEMENT RING

I loved Jennifer Garners gorgeous art deco necklace  It looked like something that Barbra Streisand would wear. Nicole Kidman was wearing a gorgeous pair of antique earrings.

Antique engagement rings and antique jewelry is definitely hot and is here to stay. Once the stars wear it, the rest of the public follows suit, and this trend (of antique jewelry) is here to stay.

Oh, by the way, we loved Matthew McConaughey… he deserved best actor!

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Antique Jewelry News… Straight From Miami |

The Original Miami Beach Antique ShowWell, when we come back from Miami Beach Antique Show not suntanned that can only mean 1 thing… what a show! Here’s the scoop from the famous Miami Beach Antique Show.

As expected, antique engagement rings and other antique jewelry are sizzling. It has become very hard to find pristine antique engagement rings.


And, what happens when supply is low and demand is high?  Yup, you got it… prices stay strong. Nonetheless, we were delighted to find many gorgeous antique rings.  Hurry, because we can’t hold on to them!

Now, what about diamond prices?  Well, that really depends on what
part of the world you are from. Dealers from the Far East,
specifically China and India, were not present, which pushed the prices on fine diamonds (VVS) high and lower colors down.

Americans, on the other hand, were in great abundance which has
kept the diamond prices for S1 and imperfect diamonds very strong, in allEuropean Cut Diamond Engagement Ring
shapes and sizes. We see, and for the upcoming future, diamond prices in America will stay strong.  Seeing our European friends at the show was a welcome sight and hopefully a good sign, as we know Europe, in the past few years, has had
their problems.

The foreseeable future will have strong prices for antique and art deco engagement rings and diamond prices.

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Antique Engagement Rings For Valentine’s Day|

It is Valentine’s Day and why not surprise your loved one with the hottest and oldest trend in jewelry – an Antique engagement ring.     ANTIQUE ENGAGEMENT RING

Antique engagement rings are hot. Celebrities, such as Barbara Streisand, Megan Fox and Jennifer Lopez, prefer an antique ring. As we have said in our past blog posts, regular 3-stone engagement rings, while beautiful, are just plain boring!

Antique engagement rings are works of art, usually 2 are not the same.  Every piece may contain a gorgeous handmade filigree design    or a gorgeous art deco beaded design    making the setting even more beautiful then the stone. Choose an Old European or Old FILIGREEMiner’s cut to get a stone shape that isn’t seen in contemporary diamond rings. If you desire a classic, understated diamond engagement ring, look at Antique Engagement Rings for one-of-a-kind timeless beauties.

Antique rings can not be reproduced. Women pass their pieces down from generation to generation with a story being told.


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It’s Time for The Miami Beach Show

It’s cold, it’s icy, it’s rainy … so, I guess it’s time for our favorite show – The Miami Beach Show!  We want to go, get a suntan and have a drink, but we are always so busy!   We have gone every year to this show for the past 25 years, to buy antique jewelry, specifically antique engagement rings and diamonds.

Why is Miami such a great show? First, everyone wants to be in the warm weather and get out of the cold!  Second, the Miami show brings the world together, we see dealers and privates from all over the world. Dealers come from Europe, the Far East and, of course, the U.S.  We find out what’s hard to find, what’s selling and what’s not selling. We also see the supply of diamonds and antique jewelry.

We don’t mind if we don’t come back with a tan, because then we know it has been a great show… so, we will keep in touch. Our next blog will be what the celebrities are wearing!

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Hong Kong Show Gives Us A Signal

Hong Kong

As promised here’s the “diddy” about the Hong Kong Jewellery & Gem Fair 2013. Throughout the year  there are a few shows which give us a clue to the direction the antique jewelry and diamond business are going.  We always pay attention to the Miami antique show in January, and the Hong Kong show in September.
The Hong Kong show gives us a signal whether our friends from the far east are going to be buyers for the upcoming year, or not.

At this moment our friends from India are not strong buyers. With the
Rupi devalued by approximately 20 percent, they did not show up. Also, our friends from china were very quiet too, with the real estate market going down they were not buyers.  High color VV diamonds were not moving and low color VVD diamonds were not moving either. Fancy colors are still very strong and diamonds for the United States, such as SI1-SI2 goods, are holding there own.

Hong Kong Jewellery & Gem Fair 2013

This brings us to the estate and antique jewelry business.  We saw an increase in demand in this area.  Throughout the world it seems, to us, that antique engagement rings are moving, in addition to there being a low supply in beautiful antique necklaces and earrings.  As long as the supply of fine estate jewelry is low, the prices will stay strong.

Looks like actresses in Hollywood are buying antique engagement rings
and when the public sees this they want it also.

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Summer is ending and the jewelry shows are beginning.

It’s the end of the summer, and as usual, this is the time we look back at the Baltimore Jewelry Show and look forward to the big Hong Kong Jewelry Fair and Miami Antique Show. We will discuss how the antique jewelry and diamond business has been (and will be affected).

The Baltimore International Gem and Jewelry Show did not disappoint! Although the Baltimore show is not considered big, such as the Miami Antique show in February, it does receive a nice turnout.  Private customers were scurrying around buying everything from antique jewelry to antique furniture! We, again, have seen an increase in demand for fine antique jewelry, especially antique engagement rings.  Antique engagement rings have seen a rise in the prices of pristine antique engagement rings.  It seems like old is hot again!  Of course, showing us the basic law of economics: demand is continually rising and reducing supply which is increasing price.

Art Deco Vintage RingWe are digesting the varying reports on the Hong Kong Jewelry & Gem Fair, in September.  Next post, we will comment on: the price and demand for diamonds, where our friends/customers in china are, did the Rupi keep our friends from India home, and did the low oil prices staying low will our friends from the middle east be buyers for fancy color and large diamonds?   We will also give a report on the smaller Miami Beach Antique Jewelry & Watch Show in October, but we really expect the same results as Baltimore.

 A bit of Hollywood news…. It is reported that actress Scarlet Johansson is giving marriage another shot. Her fiancée, Romain Dauriac, popped the question last month by surprising the actress with a Vintage Art Deco Engagement Ring!   Click here to see more rings like Scarlett’s Art Deco Vintage style!

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Industry Update: Yellow gold is making a big comeback in antique jewelry

Well, it’s the dog days of summer and when we are not on the beach, we are commenting on what’s hot and what’s not in the jewelry world! Here’s the scoop of whats going on in the world of antique jewelry and the diamond industry.

It seems to us, even with the slowdown in diamonds in the far east, specifically China and India, diamonds (including flawless and vvs) are still quiet but prices are stable. Diamonds specifically for the USA, including SI1′s and imperfect diamonds (clean to the naked eye)are still strong. Rounds, squares, ovals and cushion cuts are still very hot!

In our world of antique jewelry, platinum and white gold are always in demand. But, what we see here is a trip back to the 1970′s and a visit from our friend Yellow Gold. Yellow Gold is making a big comeback with big antique rings and jewelry. After a long quiet period, is yellow gold here to stay again?

This lovely antique engagement ring contains 1 vintage old european cut diamond weighing approximately 0.15 carats with approximate H color and VS clarity. This diamond is set in a 14 kt yellow gold mounting, and is surrounded by an antique and filigree design. Size 5 and easily sized. $850.00

This sweet antique engagement ring contains 1 rose cut diamond, which is flanked by 2 small rose cuts diamonds. These diamonds are set in a sweet 14 kt yellow gold antique mounting. Please notice the sweet antique design. Size 5 1/2 and easily sized. $ 600.00

This sweet antique engagement ring contains 1 old european cut diamond weighing approximately 0.10 carats with approximate F-G color and VS clarity. This lovely vintage diamond is set in a 14 kt yellow gold mounting and is surrounded by a lovely antique design. A sweet antique engagement ring. Size 8 and easily sized. $450.00

That is a good question, but we will see after the summer antique jewelry shows. So, stay in your seats and we’ll give you all the low down!

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Antique Jewelry and Diamonds at the Las Vegas shows

As we have done in the past we like to comment on the status of the diamond and antique jewelry business. There’s no better way to do that than by giving an update about the famous Las Vegas antique and jewelry show.  Every year it provides us a perfect snapshot of the international jewelry markets and shows the current status and trends around the world. Heres what happened!

The overall picture we saw was of steadily rising prices and product scarcity.  Concerning the diamond business and ultimately the antique jewelry business we have seen a continuous downward slide in the supply of diamonds. With the supply low the prices of diamonds have stayed very strong. It’s classic supply and demand: with low supply and steady demand prices stay strong.

Every year it’s interesting to see who participates in the Las Vegas show from the international community.  This year we noticed  that our friends from the far east, specifically our Chinese friends, did not come out to Las Vegas as much as they have in the past. We did see our friends from India who were buying strong. Unfortunately our European friends are still smarting from the recession in Europe, and were not present in significant numbers.

While clear diamonds are always a favorite among our customers, we were excited to see that fancy colored diamonds have remained very strong recently (see our favorite fancy yellow diamond engagement ring here).  We noticed especially the yellow diamonds, blue diamonds and pink diamonds were beautiful this year.

As always, we pay particular attention the antique jewelry business. First and foremost the demand on antique engagement rings is at an apex which has made the supply at an all time low.  Again, that means prices are rising. It seems like everyone wants antique engagement rings. Reproductions are easy to find and are being made in China, but of course theres nothing like the real antique jewelry!  Pristine antique engagement rings are harder and harder to come by. We see art deco bracelets and brooches but antique engagement rings, earrings and necklaces are very hard to find.

It was a great trip, and we brought back a few unique pieces for our collection.  See some favorite recent additions below:

Antique Platinum Marquis Navette Square Cut and Diamond Engagement Ring

This sweet antique engagement ring contains 1 center marquis (navette) diamond weighing approximately 0.40 carats with approximate G-H color and SI1 clarity. This diamond is flanked by 2 square cut diamonds and 25 single cut diamonds. This ring was crafted in the 1930's in a gorgeous platinum antique filigree and beaded design. Size 3 and easily sized. $3,500.00 (ad 1108os)

Antique Platinum Old European Cut Diamond and Sapphire Engagement Ring Circa 1920's

This fantastic antique engagement ring contains 1 old european cut diamond weighing approximately 0.45-0.50 carats with AGI consultation stating approximate G-H color and VS2 clarity. This diamond is flanked by 2 triangle sapphires. This sweet antique ring was crafted in the 1920's in a gorgeous platinum antique filigree design. Size 7 and easily sized. $3,500.00 (ad 1099os)

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Oscars and more update!

Well, for all the people who are following our antique and diamond blog,
we apologize that we have been a bit lax lately due to all our
traveling. However, we are now back!

Fresh from the famous antique jewelry show in miami, this is the
perfect time for us to comment on the status of the antique jewelry and
diamond business throughout the world.

Let’s first comment on who exactly showed up in miami, and who
stayed home. Our friends from the far east stayed home. Our friends
from China are still holding back, but we are starting to see them
slowly coming back. Our friends from india are also starting
to come back, but they still have a long way to go.

How about our friends from Europe? Unfortunately, we still haven’t
seen them, especially our great customers from Italy. It seems to us
that the recession is still hurting the diamond and jewelry buyers
there. We also didn’t see many friends and dealers from the Arab
countries either.

We did, however, see alot of our friends from the U.S at the miami
show. There were, of course, dealers from all across the country and
many private clients lining up to get into the show.

Diamonds are still in short supply so that has helped keep diamond
prices strong, but we do see a little bit of weakness in the price
of flawless and vvs diamonds. We think that until our friends from the
far east come back, the price of these diamonds will stay a bit
weak. Since our friends from the U.S. are still here, diamonds for
the U.S are still strong. Big diamonds and VS to SI diamonds are
very strong and very hard to find. Also still very strong are fancy
color diamonds, especially blues, pinks and fancy yellows due to
the rarity of these diamonds.

Now onto antique jewelry. As we said last year antique jewelry is
still in very short in supply. When there is a shortage in supply that
usually tells us the prices are very strong and that is exactly what we
saw. had a great show but prices for pristine
antique engagement rings and pristine jewelry (necklaces
and earrings particularly) were very strong and very hard to find.

One thing that wasn’t very hard to find was the weather, so when
we weren’t working, we were we did have gorgeous
weather! Our next blog will discuss what is going on in Hong Kong, from
the big Hong Kong diamond show and we will comment about the
jewelry at the Oscars!

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